the blue side collection

blue side by j-hope
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blue side by j-hope
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the blue side collection

A fanbook inspired by j-hope's Blue Side.

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After one year of hard work, our project has come to a close! We’re pleased to share the digital version of our book and its exclusive digital downloads with you for free.If you’d like to support our work, please consider making a donation to our selected charity! We also encourage you to cheer on all our wonderful artists and writers, who you can find below.


Twenty-seven artists. Six writers. One collection.Welcome to the Blue Side Collection, a fanbook dedicated to j-hope and in celebration of his song, Blue Side.This project will consist of artwork and written pieces inspired by the song. Creators may reference other themes, but the overarching motif will reference Blue Side.In order to create a project as inclusive as possible for all j-hope fans, all final pieces will be SFW (safe for work). Creations will be G-rated for general audiences, and will exclude any romantic ships or RPS.Please note that this project is a collection of works and will not be opening “applications” as in most zine projects. We’re simply a group of creators getting together to make a collection of works because we love Blue Side and j-hope! There will be an opportunity to purchase the fanbook in January and February of 2022, and additional opportunities to explore the theme with us!We hope you will look forward to supporting the fanbook and our creative team—and, most importantly, j-hope and Blue Side


[√] Organization: Summer 2021
[√] Contributor Invitations: September 2021
[√] Pitches: October 16th
[√] Check-in: December 9th
[√] Final Submission: January 9th
[√] Formatting: January 2022
[√] Preorders Open: February 5th
[√] Preorders Close: March 12th
[√] Production: March–May 2022
[√] Shipping: May–June 2022
[√] Leftovers: July–August 2022
[√] Charity Donation


This is a non-profit project, meaning that all proceeds are donated to charity. Our team has chosen to support the Green Umbrella Children's Foundation. We're proud to share that we raised $3,152.25 USD!GUCF is a professional child welfare institution based in South Korea that undertakes various child welfare projects. Active since 1950, they currently provide aid to over one million domestic and foreign children a year.j-hope, as well as other members of BTS, has donated to this fund in the past. In fact, j-hope is a member of the Green Noble Club, which consists of benefactors who have donated more than KRW100M individually.

To learn more about the cause, visit their website!


Hi, it's your hopespawn, Ashhie 🥺💗 You can find me either writing Hobi centric fanfics or listening to Blue Side and contemplating my life choices.

🦋 Pronouns: she/her
🦋 Position: Communications & Writing
🦋 Zine Experience: This is my 3rd time moderating a fanzine. I've contributed as a writer for 10+ zines.

Hello, I'm Cara! My biaswrecker position is constantly under attack by none other than Jung Hoseok himself. Every time I watch BTS perform, he comes after me with the frequency that bugs go after him (aka always)!

🥂 Pronouns: she/her
🥂 Position: Production, Finance, Shipping, & Carrd
🥂 Zine Experience: I've moderated 30+ zines (10 of which have been BTS-related) and written for 5 zines!

Hello! I’m Lo. I’m 31, hopekook biased, and I've been an army since 2019. I’m the mod you’ll usually be speaking to on the Blue Side Collection Twitter account!

🧃 Pronouns: any
🧃 Position: Social Media & Writing
🧃 Zine Experience: This is my first time modding a zine (and so far it’s been delightful 😛).

Hi hi! I'm Nyom, 95 liner and I'll coordinate the visuals of the zine. I worked in many zines already as a contributor; this time I'll work as a moderator. I hope this project will be loved by many c:

🌵 Pronouns: they/them
🌵 Position: Graphics & Art
🌵 Zine Experience: I've been a contributor in 5+ zines. This is my first time moderating!

Note: Nyom’s beautiful art has been used for all mod icons on our Carrd!